Lucia Nimcova​ is an artist with a deep interest in the complex, paradoxical, tragic, humorous and sometimes absurd set of social and cultural relations that form everyday “reality” in Eastern Europe. Her work in photography, video, performance and sound attempts to capture both official and private experiences within groups and communities.​

Since 2014, together with Sholto Dobie, the artists have gathered an archive of photography, video and sound recordings, throughout western Ukraine. As opposed to traditional documentary practices, the artists prefer to describe their work as a folk opera; a collection of songs, stories, music, performance and field recordings, existing somewhere between an ethnographic document and musical theatre.

Throughout history, traditional music and culture has been appropriated and misrepresented; presently in Ukraine, patriotic songs play an important role in fueling a populist romantic nationalism. In contrast, the artists seek to capture official, private and hidden realities within communities that are excluded from the main historical narrative of the region. Their main interests are those songs which describe ­ in tragic, brutal and comic ways ­ domestic abuse, murder, conflict, sex, love and hate. The artists want to show that the alternative folklore of the region: hard mountain rap, vintage feminism and filthy karpaty hip hop, is still alive and relevant, before it’s last inheritors disappear.

Nimcova ​and D​obie’​s ongoing work is a self­proclaimed improvisation. They move freely between various locations and integrate themselves in kitchens, fields, roadsides, weddings, funerals and public events. These places become stages, in which everyday life and theatre paradoxically come together. In this way, their work embraces the inconsistencies and complexities inherent in any ethnographic document. It is a contemporary chronicle with an inclusive approach to material, incorporating industrial sounds, lullabies, military funerals and hen parties.

Khroniky​ follows on from ​Nimcova’​s previous work on both the female experience in Eastern Europe and contested histories of her native Rusyn minority. This work similarly seeks to show how the past influences the present. In the end, it is an attempt to navigate a polyphony of subjectivities, in the context of Ukraine's unstable situation ­ currently and historically.

Lucia Nimcova,
Sholto Dobie,

. bajka - official video
. music performance of remek mazur-hanaj & sholto dobie at krokus gallery, bratislava
. documentation of presentation at fotograf festival, prague

. audio documentation of the performance at laughing bell, london
. khroniky - track

Switching off from the visual: an interview with Lucia Nimcova, Lucia Udvardyova, 01/2022
The Filth And The Fury, Claire Sawers, The Wire, 04/2019

sept/2022 - nov/2022 - billytown, den haag, nl

july/2022 - sculpture garden, geneve, ch

july/2022 - syros film festival, syros, gr

june/2022 - august/2022 contemporary art museum of estonia (EKKM), tallinn, ee

may/2022 - electronic frequencies, nl

mar/2022 - the wire, uk

mar/2022 - nts radio, uk

mar/2022 - framework radio, ee

jan/2022 - Ephemeral Fragments from Autonomous Worlds, Norient Film Festival, Bern, CH

nov-dec/2019 - group show, Today I Wrote Nothing, Rumpelstiltskin, New York, USA

oct-dec/2019 - group show, Noorderlicht International Photography Festival, NL

10/apr/2018 - talk, Faculty of Arts, University of Kosice. SK
fb event

02/mar/2018 - conference, Uncertain Times: Borders, Refuge, Community, Nationhood, Philadelphia, USA

16/feb/2017 - screening & talk, Cinema Spoutnik, Geneve, CH

11/feb/2017 - screening & performance, Cinema Nova, Brussels, BE

29/nov/2016 - lecture, Harriman Institute | Columbia University, New York, USA

28/nov/2016 - performative lecture, The 8th Floor, New York, USA

nov/2016 - film festival, Bratislava, SK

nov/2016 - solo show, Krokus Gallery, Bratislava, SK

oct/2016 - film festival, Jihlava Documentary Film Festival, CZ

16/07/2016 - presentation, Stanicne Lahodky, Humenne, SK
stanicne lahodky

28/06/2016 - performance/exibition, Belgrade Cultural Centre, SRB
belgrade cultural centre

14/06/2016 - video screening, CCA Glasgow, Scotland

05/03/2016 - performance, The Laughing Bell, London, UK
the laughing bell

05/11/2015 - talk, Triangle Arts, New York, USA
triangle arts

08/10/2015 - presentation, Fotograf Festival, Prague, CZ

10/2015 - exhibition, Albumarte, Rome, Italy

04/2015 - audio screening, Radiophrenia, Glasgow, Scotland

24/02/2015 - group exhibition 'Private Nationalism', Open Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

27/01/2015 - audio screening and conversation, Folklore Centrum, Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 2, Stockholm, Sweden

15/01/2015, Radio Devin, Host naladeny na Devin

08/01/2015, presentation and conversation, Gymnazium Snina, Slovakia

06/01/2015, Micro Clear Spot, broadcast on Resonance FM, 104.4 MHz FM
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20/12/2014, Popular and Unpopular Music From Around the World, with Rob Weisberg, broadcast on WFMU,

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